C3D file support added to ProAnalyst® motion analysis software
Xcitex Inc. announces that ProAnalyst, the top-selling scientific software for extracting motion and movement from video, now supports C3D data export.

C3D (Coordinate 3D) has become the accepted file format for scientists in the animation, biomechanics, and gait analysis industries who need to compare data collected by the myriad motion capture systems that are now commercially available. Most of those motion capture systems use strobe/marker technologies, requiring the subject to wear reflective markers or pulsing LED's that special IR cameras can locate as the subject walks or moves. However, many of the newer motion capture systems use multiple camcorder and high- speed video cameras to capture the subject – without markers or special clothing – in the natural environment or athletic event. Post-processing and analysis of the videos with Xcitex's ProAnalyst software lets researchers study joint motion, kinematics, and inverse body dynamics.

ProAnalyst is the leading software for extracting motion from video. ProAnalyst is used worldwide in a variety of industries, ranging from biomechanics to engineering, aerodynamics to automotive testing. In addition to the powerful graphing and animation tools found in ProAnalyst, users can now export computed X-Y-Z coordinates of movement to MATLAB, text, Excel, and C3D for additional specialized analysis and modeling.

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