Xcitex announces Impact Test Group alliance

We are pleased to announce our participation as a founding member of the Impact Test Group to develop and market a revolutionary new automotive sled test system. The new alliance was introduced at the Automotive Testing Expo in Chennai India. The new system is completely turnkey from facility planning to rapid installation to testing and includes 3-D analysis of test dummies.

Our primary partner in this endeavor is TRL -- the Transportation Research Laboratory (http:// TRL specializes in car safety testing, and performs sled tests on a wide variety of passenger and commercial vehicles, seats, racing cars, and car components. TRL is one of the largest and most active independent sled test facilities in the world. We are proud to be associated with TRL in this venture.

TRL is the prime contractor and responsible for the actual mechanics and system engineering of the sled facilities. Xcitex's role in this venture will be to develop custom software for video capture and to supply ProAnalyst for motion analysis. In addition, TRL has partnered with Olympus (UK) to provide the imaging and cameras. Together, the partners will be known as the Impact Test Group.



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