Xcitex President and CEO Peter Carellas to present webcast:
State- of-the-Art High-Speed Imaging

Xcitex President and CEO Peter Carellas will present an invited webcast: State-of-the-Art High-Speed Imaging, on Thursday, May 22, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. EDT. This webcast will compare high-speed imaging with other computer vision technologies. Topics include innovations for product development (sensing, image manipulation, synchronization, active shuttering, digital streaming) and post-acquisition processing for motion analysis. Mr. Carellas will also explore the ways that high-speed cameras facilitate new applications and improve existing ones. This webcast is sponsored by Vision Systems Design magazine.

About the presenter: Peter Carellas is President and CEO of Xcitex Inc, a company he co- founded in 1998 to promote the convergence of slow-motion video and non-invasive motion analysis. Xcitex is now a world leader in the development of video-based instrumentation for a wide variety of industries. Mr. Carellas regularly lectures on the subjects of high-speed video, movement analysis and optics in vision systems. In 2006 he was honored with an Emmy award by the National Association of Broadcasters for outstanding technical achievement in the areas of sports broadcasting, primarily for his work in real-time motion analysis of golfers. He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in optics from the University of Rochester and has several imaging patents and publications.