Xcitex announces new Impact Excursion toolkit for ProAnalyst ®

Xcitex is pleased to introduce the new Impact Excursion Toolkit, the eleventh toolkit developed for our award-winning ProAnalyst motion analysis software. This toolkit is ideal for analyzing the movements of a crash test dummy. Automotive engineers must measure the extent of a dummy's head and limb movement relative to windshields, dashboards, and seats when restrained by seat belts or child safety seats. The Impact Excursion toolkit lets users measure the farthest extent of excursion in multiple directions to ensure compliance with passenger safety requirements. With the Impact Excursion toolkit, users can also perform concussion testing and analysis of injuries resulting from accidents.

The Impact Excursion toolkit has been developed with our Impact Test Group partner TRL, a world leader in automotive passenger safety testing and standards.

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Impact Excursion Toolkit