Revolutionizing the Auto-tracking
and Motion Analysis Industry

Xcitex is an innovator in the industries of video-based motion capture and motion analysis. Our engineers introduced the first synchronized high-speed video/data systems in 1998. We followed with new technologies and revolutionary software products for controlling high-speed cameras in a motion capture environment. Today, Xcitex provides our industrial consumers an array of technically superior, affordable and easy-to-use products.

Xcitex has a sales network in over 25 countries worldwide, with primary industrial business interests in automotive testing, military testing, athletic performance testing, product testing and industrial inspection. Our partnerships with industry leaders in the areas of high-speed and industrial camera development have spawned products for both industrial and commercial customers. Rooted as a supplier of operating systems for video cameras, today Xcitex offers distinct products in four business areas: camera control, motion analysis, broadcast enhancement and industrial monitoring.

"The foundation of our growth and success continues to be ethical and moral business values. Each Xcitex employee, technical representative, and sales agent understands that customer satisfaction is a cornerstone for business, and we all place the same high value on business ethics and personal integrity. If you have any questions or comments about our customer service or other policies, please feel free to contact me directly."

Peter Carellas
President, CEO

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Non-contact markerless tracking for 2-D or
3-D analysis with ProAnalyst® Software
Xcitex offers a complete high-speed
motion capture system -- ProCapture