A Complete Operating System
for High-Speed Cameras

Increase your high-speed camera's versatility and performance with control software

MiDAS OS is a comprehensive control software package that enables you to record, synchronize, play, measure and save videos when using your high-speed video camera. The premier software for event-capture camera control, synchronization with data sources, and automated industrial monitoring features a comprehensive interface that enables you to control every aspect of acquisition and playback. Add triggering capability, simplify your workflow, manage your data better, process and save your images faster for a full-featured measurement system.

MiDAS OS builds on the legacy of previous MiDAS versions – the highest accuracy, real-time synchronization of high-speed video and data acquisition. Using our proprietary Waveform Per Frame™ technology, MiDAS OS is unsurpassed in accuracy and reliability.

MiDAS OS is ideal for a variety of applications. For example, sports industry professionals use the features of MiDAS OS to capture on-the-field measurements and improve athletic performance. Researchers and scientists in both university and laboratory settings use the key features found in MiDAS OS to access their data quickly. MiDAS OS is also used to control cameras for production line auditing applications to troubleshoot problems faster.

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MiDAS OS features include:

  • Perform all recordings with one integrated software package

  • Gain instant access to recorded video in camera memory

  • Trigger your camera off changes in the scene

  • Manage and organize all your video files easily

  • Automate your recording process

  • Perform fast on-screen measurements on your video

  • Synchronize multiple cameras together

  • Flexible Auto-Recording to record events automatically based on your entered parameters

  • MiDAS Video Trigger to automatically trigger your camera whenever there is a change in the scene

  • On-Screen Measurements of velocity, distance and movement

  • Synchronization of two-cameras for control and capture of videos by both cameras

MiDAS OS Editions

Choose a MiDAS OS Edition to Match your Application

To meet the camera control and data acquisition needs of our customers, we offer several editions of MiDAS OS. The following information will help you determine which member of the MiDAS product family is best for your application.

Express Edition
Includes single camera control, frame-by-frame playback, and image processing capabilities.

Standard Edition
Includes multiple camera control, motion-based video triggering, automation capabilities, measurement calipers, and manual feature tracking.

Enhanced Edition
Adds data acquisition control, video/data synchronization, and data level based triggering to the features found in the Standard Edition.



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