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ProAnalyst Software Licensing Options

ProAnalyst Professional and 3-D Professional Editions can be purchased either for use on an individual workstation computer (Workstation License) or on a computer attached to a large network (Network License). All other ProAnalyst editions -- Introductory, Lite, 3-D Flight Path, and 3-D Flight Tracker are only available with Workstation Licenses.Licensing Image

Workstation Licensing

Workstation licenses allow users to freely move the software between individual computers, including portable laptops. Licensing is controlled by a security key, so only one computer at a time can be running ProAnalyst. Workstation Licenses are often called "Floating Licenses."

Network Licensing

Network licenses allow groups of users to log into a server that counts the number of current active users of ProAnalyst at any single time. For example, if you purchased a network license for 5 users, any 5 people can simultaneously use the software from anywhere on the network.

Single Computer Licensing

ProAnalyst Rental and Trial versions are downloadable from the Internet for instant access directly to your computer. These versions are licensed for use only on the specific computer to which the application was downloaded.