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ProAnalyst Features

ProAnalyst motion analysis software provides a series of video processing and motion analysis tools that can be applied to any video or image sequence regardless of content or acquisition method. ProAnalyst's advanced algorithms allow for 2-D feature tracking without special markers. Unique 1- D line tracking detects and tracks changes in intensity along a line. Analysis results can be instantly graphed, reviewed, compared to external data, and exported to a variety of output formats for reports or presentations.

Revolutionary Low-Cost Motion Analysis Software

  • 1-D Line Tracking: Detect and track intensity changes along a line. Includes width averaging, threshold setting, and calculation of radius of curvature and best-fit-circle.

  • 2-D Feature Tracking: Track features without having to use special markers in your experimental setups. View real-time annotations of distance and angle, and measurements of position and velocity.

  • 3-D Analysis: Analyze 3-D motion using images recorded by two video cameras. View and analyze your event from any angle and obtain 3-D representations of your data.

  • Image Stabilization: Remove unwanted jitter and vibration from a video.

  • Particle Counting, Sizing, and Flow: Count fragments or parts in a flow environment. Classify parts by size, shape, eccentricity or axial orientation.

  • Contour Tracing (Blob Analysis): Trace shapes and compute their size, area, perimeter, center of gravity, and more.

  • Cell Tracking: Track cell motion through veins and arteries in microscopic images. Compute cellular proximity to vascular walls, flow direction, and more.

State of the Art Image Processing

  • Apply any of ProAnalyst's 40+ image controls and filters to correct or enhance your video.

  • Combine filters to create customized image processing routines.

Multi-dimensional Scene Calibration

  • Easily set the scale, origin, and coordinate system in your video.

  • Compensate for front-to-back distortions using multiple plane calibrations.

  • Use perspective calibration for videos filmed with non-perpendicular camera angles.

Graphing and Computational Features

  • Create 2- and 3-axis graphs comparing any set of motion features.

  • View real-time annotations of distance and angle, and measurements of position and velocity.

  • Perform a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) with one click.

  • Display data from external sensors and video analysis on the same graph.

File and Project Management

  • Group and organize multiple videos, images, calibration files, and analysis results using the project-based interface.

  • Apply groups of settings and calibration files from one project to another.

  • Browse and preview video files with the Video Explorer.

  • Easily locate and sort files in the Workspace View panel.

HTML, Printer, and PowerPoint Reports

  • Export data, analysis results, notes, and video clips to an HTML web page, a multi-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, or directly to a printer.