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Sports Science

ProAnalyst optimizes turnaround time for athletes in training

Sled pushing is an important training tool for rugby players, football linemen, and other athletes who are required to perform a horizontal push against resistance. It is easy to determine the load on the sled, but more difficult to determine the velocity of the push.

In this video provided by Dr. Bill Sands, ProAnalyst is used to determine the velocity of the sled movement at three different loads without the use of markers on the sled or the athlete. The loads were set at 60%, 80%, and 100% of body mass, with a push distance of 10 meters. Dr. James Hoffman at East Tennessee State University performed the research experiments.

ProAnalyst software provides quick turnaround time of the information so coaches and athletes can receive feedback and modify their training routines if necessary. Dr. Sands comments, "The importance of the ability to rapidly return data to coaches and athletes cannot be understated." ProAnalyst's sophisticated video analysis benefits coaches, sports scientists, and others who must collect results and return feedback rapidly.


Sports Science

In this video, the Austrian Ski Jumping Team uses MiDAS DA to measure the forces generated as the ski jumper performs a simulated takeoff.