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Automotive Sled Tests

Testing of passenger restraint system

Automotive companies use ProAnalyst to test passenger restraint systems. Synchronized video and data are acquired using MiDAS with high-resolution, high-speed video cameras and multi-channel DAQ systems. Stick figure renderings generated by ProAnalyst show the angles and extensions of head and limbs.

Automotive engineers use ProAnalyst to study passenger safety

In this sled test video, ProAnalyst's Impact Excursion toolkit tracks head movement in a simulated crash situation. Dynamic measurements indicate forward movement as the head moves away from the car seat. Automotive safety experts use Impact Excursion to ensure compliance with international passenger safety regulations for restraints and car seats. This toolkit is also useful for concussion testing.

The Impact Excursion toolkit has been developed with our Impact Test Group partner TRL, a world leader in automotive passenger safety testing and standards.