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Explosives and Pyrotechnics

ProAnalyst tracks velocity of detonation shockwave

In this video of a Department of Homeland Security law enforcement test provided by Vision Research, the car explosion creates a powerful detonation wave traveling at supersonic velocity from its point of origin.

In this controlled explosion conducted at a professional test range, ProAnalyst's markerless 1-D line tracking automatically tracks the speed of the shock wave as it expands and the aftermath of the blast. ProAnalyst also measures the latency between the explosion and the position of the shockwave.

ProAnalyst motion analysis software from Xcitex is the industry-leading software for researchers studying shock and vibration events.

ProAnalyst and a pineapple assist in munitions research

This video provided by Photron shows projectiles being shot at a pineapple. As the explosion occurs, ProAnalyst 2-D Feature Tracking highlights the motion and displacement of multiple fragments. This type of analysis is useful in determining the effects of various munitions for military applications.