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Facial Kinematics

3-D Facial Landmark Tracking

This video outlines how ProAnalyst 3-D is being deployed to measure and archive common 3-D facial landmarks to build a highly accurate 3-D model of the face. This technique uses multiple high-speed videos captured using ProCapture and analyzed with 2-D feature tracking templates created within ProAnalyst. ProAnalyst 3-D Manager combines the individually analyzed 2-D datasets to form detailed and accurate 3-D location and motion data from the assembled stereoscopic facial video.

Common facial expressions and activities such as smiling, talking and chewing are recreated to form a pre-surgery baseline for the kinematics of the facial landmarks. This baseline can be compared to post-surgical kinematic results to develop a quantitative map of facial elasticity loss.

ProAnalyst has seen over a decade of widespread adoption within the medical research community and has become a trusted research tool for video measurement and verification by surgical leaders in both hospitals and universities worldwide.