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Kinematics analysis with ProAnalyst stick figure overlays

As this toy robot performs a short dance routine, ProAnalyst's stick figure overlays delineate the movements of arms, legs, and torso. This analysis is an example of kinematics, the study of the motion of systems composed of joined parts, such as the body of this robot. Kinematic analysis is used to study range of movement and also to design machines with a required range of motion.


Kinesiologists use ProAnalyst to study human biomechanics

This video shows a human subject jumping. ProAnalyst was used to track and connect several features to highlight the biomechanics of jumping. Video analyses like these are used by researchers who study kinesiology -- an interdisciplinary field focusing on the science of human movement, performance, and function. In recent years, the field of kinesiology has evolved toward less emphasis on sport and a greater focus on understanding human movement and the role of physical activity and exercise in health and disease. Applications of kinesiology in human health include physical education, physical and occupational therapy, and rehabilitation.