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Rock wall displacement defined with ProAnalyst

This video of wall mining was filmed in Australia using a Redlake camera at a distance of 1 kilometer. In this video, ProAnalyst's 1-D line tracking and 2-D feature tracking show the effects of blasting a rock wall during a mining operation.

1-D Line Tracking was used to track the displacement of the mountainside as the explosion occurs. The size of the debris cloud increases as the face of the wall is blown away.

The 2-D analysis was accomplished by embedding barrels covered with fluorescent paint in the rock wall. The sinusoidal motion of the barrels is caused by camera vibration from the shockwave. ProAnalyst's Image Stabilization toolkit was used to remove the vibration from the video.

Similar techniques are useful for other types of mining processes, such as strip mining. This is a great example of test results that can be obtained only with the use of high-speed video motion analysis.