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Compare Editions of ProAnalyst Motion Analysis Software

Choose a ProAnalyst Edition to Match your Application

To meet the different motion analysis needs of our customers, we offer several editions of ProAnalyst which all include the same advanced tracking algorithms and technology. The following information will help you determine which member of the ProAnalyst product family is best for your application.

3-D Professional

Includes all the features of the Professional Edition, plus the innovative and simple-to-use 3-D Manager. Analyze events captured by multiple cameras to reconstruct and display motion in 3-D with high precision and accuracy. Ideal for biomechanics and sports performance analysis, product engineering and crash test analysis.


The industry standard. Includes all the analysis features and engines for auto-tracking objects in 1-D and 2-D, data reduction and report generation. Optional toolkits add particle tracking, cell tracking, PIV, contour tracking, and image stabilization.


Ideal for quick calculations of velocity and distance. Utilizes the same great extraction and tracking engines of the Professional Edition. Auto-track up to 256 features. Export your results to Excel, MATLAB, or other packages.


This low-cost starter package allows auto-tracking of one feature and/or manual tracking of up to 32 features. Quickly export to Excel or MATLAB for further analysis and graphing.

Compare Editions