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3-D Calibration Fixtures for Motion Analysis Software

ProAnalyst 3-D Professional Edition requires the use of a calibration fixture. You can use your own fixture or you can purchase a 3-D Calibration Fixture from Xcitex.

For 3-D analysis, calibration is required to compute the precise location of the video cameras relative to the scene. Once a complex, time consuming, and mathematically involved process, 3-D scene calibration is practically foolproof with ProAnalyst.

Simply take a snapshot of a calibration fixture from each camera, which can be placed at any distance or angle to the scene. Calibration fixtures, purchased from Xcitex or user-constructed, are based on geometric patterns. Now calibration is the easiest part of 3-D analysis.

3-D Calibration
Calibration fixtures are available
in the following standard sizes:

6" cube
12" cube
24" cube
1-meter cube (39")

For fields-of-view greater
than 2m x 2m x 2m, or for
custom sizes or types of fixtures,
please contact Xcitex.

Calibration Fixtures