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ProAnalyst Version Particle Image Velocimetry Update

April 6, 2017

Click to play an overview showing some of the output visualizations available within the new PIV Toolkit, including multiple vector overlay, contour plot colormapping and vorticity overlay.


ProAnalyst Version represents a huge technological leap forward for the ProAnalyst PIV toolkit; including improvements across the entire spectrum of the product. As always, many of our analysis innovations are user-driven, resulting directly from customer feedback, which we incorporate into our free updates. Some of the areas of improvement are in:


First and foremost, the process for calculating particle flow has been completely redesigned to provide the same accurate calculations in a much shorter time frame. What this means for the user is a noticeable decrease in calculation time, especially for users with multi-core PCs with some analyses completing in a fraction of the time of previous versions.


Version has updated default settings for search size and vector region, resulting in faster computations and an improved user experience.


PIV analysis is difficult to perform along the edges of a video, as a portion of the search region may lie outside of the visible window, which can throw off your analysis. In the past, the solution to this issue was to reduce the size of the capture region. Version of ProAnalyst provides for more accurate edge sampling, allowing users to take advantage of the whole image.


While the fundamental mathematics behind the vorticity and diffusion calculations remain, the heat-map overlay has been refined to more accurately portray the raw data, leading to an increase in the detail of the PIV contour plot colormap overlays.

Learn more about the ProAnalyst Particle Image Velocimetry tool kit by visiting our PIV application page.