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June 4th, 2015

President Peter Carellas answers questions during the 2015 Vision Systems Design State of the Industry Webcast.
Each year, Vision Systems Design, the preeminent digital magazine and website for imaging professionals, invites several prominent industry leaders to review and discuss their respective industries in a series of worldwide webcasts open to the general public. This year, Peter Carellas, President & CEO of Xcitex was again chosen to present the information for the high-speed video industry. Mr. Carellas had been previously selected in 2010, 2011, and 2013.

The live webcast occurred on May 28, 2015, and is now available on-demand for review. In a break from the traditional monolithic slide presentation webcasts, VSD Editor Andy Wilson structured this year's webcast as a Question-and-Answer interview, with questions he extracted from the viewing audience both in advance of the webcast and live during the discussion. This year, audience questions precipitated conversational topics on technological advances in high-speed imaging over the past year, developments and future directions for the industry, insights for high-speed camera purchase decisions, the various types of high-speed cameras and how consumer companies such as Apple, Smart and GoPro are changing the technology and usage landscape of high-speed cameras.

Mr. Carellas commented after the webcast that, "I am certainly pleased that Andy and the editors at Vision System Design hold my presentation skills and my opinion in such high regard as to select me to present the state of the industry address. This year, the one-on-one interview format was both nerve wracking and fun, as I had to properly prepare for Andy to throw me a curve (which he gratefully did not) and to prepare for a wide range of audience questions. I hope that the viewers found the interview and data I presented to be as informative as I found it fun to present." The interview can be viewed on-demand at the Vision Systems Design website, which can be accessed by at:


Further questions and requests for the presentation slides should be addressed to Mr. Carellas at peter.carellas@xcitex.com.