Certified Resellers

Certified Resellers are our best and most successful resellers. Certified Resellers have established histories of reselling Xcitex software, experience working closely with Xcitex engineers on both pre- and post-sales support, and worldwide resale authority.


Resellers are authorized to resell Xcitex software to their customers in their specified geographic area.

Reseller Geographic Area Website
Applied Technologies Services Ltd. Israel www.ats.co.il
Blink Technology Pty Australia, New Zealand www.blinktech.com.au
Chromos Group AG Switzerland www.chromos.ch
Fastec Imaging Inc. USA www.fastecimaging.com
Hadland Imaging Inc. Western USA www.hadlandimaging.com
Hanbek Co. Korea www.hanbekco.com
High Speed Imaging Inc. Canada www.hsi.ca
IDT Europe bv Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg www.idteurope.eu
Imaging Solutions Gmbh Germany, Austria www.imaging-solutions.de
IX Cameras Inc. Worldwide www.ix-cameras.com
KIS Instruments Ltd. Korea www.kisinstrument.co.kr
Lake Image Systems Ltd. United Kingdom www.lakeimage.com
MREL Group of Companies Inc. Worldwide (mining, explosives) www.mrel.com
Peiport Electronics China, Taiwan, Hong Kong www.peiport.com
Quantum Technologies Inc. Northwest USA www.qtechimaging.com
Spektravision s.r.o. Czech Republic www.spektravision.cz