Ballistics Applications

Munitions Research

This video provided by Photron shows projectiles being shot at a pineapple. As the explosion occurs, ProAnalyst 2-D Feature Tracking highlights the motion and displacement of multiple fragments. This type of analysis is useful in determining the effects of various munitions for military applications.

Armored Vehicle Testing

In this video provided by Vision Research, a projectile is shot at a net to evaluate the material as an additional protective measure for armored military vehicles. Video analysis using ProAnalyst motion analysis software yields test results such as projectile velocity and tensile strength and deformation of the netting material.

Projectile Trajectories

This video was shot at a US missile range with Vision Research cameras and a Flight Follower mirror tracking system from MS Instruments. The Flight Follower keeps a flying object in the field of view while traveling at full speed. 3-D FlightPath Feature Tracking with dynamic angle measurement is used here to quantify the pitch of the projectile relative to vertical for the duration of its flight. 3-D FlightPath projectile flight analysis software is used extensively on test ranges around the world, both with and without flight tracking instrumentation. 3-D analysis is available when video is captured with multiple cameras.

Small Arms Recoil Tracking

A shot is fired from a 45 caliber handgun. ProAnalyst 2-D Feature Tracking tracks several features on the pistol to quantify the effects of recoil as the trigger is pulled. A horizontal feature line delineates the top of the gun barrel. The analysis shows the gun moving up and back and then forward and down after the bullet is fired.