Projectile Analysis Test Range

3-D FlightPath is the world's most accurate software for measuring and computing flight trajectories of bullets, projectiles, missiles and other flying objects.

3-D FlightPath software is designed especially for use at aero-ballistic test ranges. It has now been installed at over 30 test ranges around the world – from national projectile weapon ranges and small-caliber ballistic ranges to ball-flight research labs. Depending on your range configuration and test protocols, there is an edition of 3-D FlightPath software that is ideal for you.

  Fixed Camera Edition
This edition is ideal for computing pitch, yaw, velocity, and trajectory using multiple fixed position high-speed cameras. The Fixed Camera Edition is used extensively on both large projectile weapons test ranges and on small-caliber bullet test ranges. This is the most accurate flight dynamics analysis package on the market – as benchmarked by our customers!

Point of Impact
  Automated Fixed Camera Edition
Ideal for automated, repetitive testing of small caliber rounds along a flight line or at point of impact. Test engineers can program the software to automatically record and statistically sort pitch, yaw and impact positions.

Flash X-Ray Edition
  Flash X-Ray Edition
This edition is used in conjunction with orthogonal X-ray systems companies like L3 Communications. Flash X-ray systems are often used on large projectile ranges to capture motion in the first few meters after the muzzle during the fire ball.
Flight Tracker Photo
  Flight Tracker Edition
Most national weapons ranges have one or more Flight Followers (from MS Instruments) or Trajectory Trackers (from Specialised Imaging). By combining scan angle data and high-speed video images from two of these devices into the new Flight Tracker Edition, you can measure aero-ballistic dynamics over distances of hundreds of meters.
ShadowGraph Photo
  ShadowGraph Edition

This edition combines many pairs of still images acquired in digital indoor spark ranges (often called "shadowgraph" ranges) to measure extremely accurate flight dynamics of projectiles. This software package is aimed at engineers who are upgrading their spark ranges with the most current digital cameras.
  3-D FlightPath has proven to be
the most accurate software
for aero-ballistic analysis.

Projectile Flight Analysis

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