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Waveform Per Frame™ - the technology that revolutionized the high-speed Video/DAQ business!

Xcitex engineers invented the Waveform Per Frame technology that makes MiDAS DA the industry leading software for synchronizing high-speed video cameras with sensor data to achieve unparalleled accuracy and precision. Video and data are collected at different rates. Waveform Per Frame technology controls both the camera and the DAQ hardware, accurately acquiring and synchronizing multiple data points per video frame. Here's how it works:
Waveform Per Frame Technology

MiDAS DA features include

  • Xcitex's proprietary Waveform Per Frame™ technology collects multiple data samples per frame of video with nanosecond accuracy.
  • Synchronize accelerometers, strain gauges, force plates, tachometers, pressure transducers, EMG, sensors, and more.
  • Use with a wide range of high-speed cameras that support circular buffer recording.
  • Choose data acquisition hardware from National Instruments with up to 64 channels of data collection, or select a customized prepackaged data acquisition kit from Xcitex.
  • Fully compatible with Xcitex's award-winning ProAnalyst® motion analysis software.
  • Export your video and data for further analysis and reporting.