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Purchase MiDAS DA Video/Data Synchronization Software


To purchase MiDAS DA software follow these easy steps.

  1. Purchase your copy of MiDAS DA from a local dealer or the Xcitex website. MiDAS DA software works with any high-speed camera from a variety of camera manufacturers such as AOS Technologies, Fastec Imaging, Mikrotron, NAC, Olympus, Photron, IDT/Redlake and Vision Research.

  2. Choose an Xcitex Data Acquisition Kit. We offer prepackaged kits for various bus platforms: PCI, PCI Express, and USB with up to 32 channels of data collection. All MiDAS kits include DAQ boards and cabling, with multiple breakout and termination box options, jumpers, and labels to make setting up MiDAS simple and easy. Click here to view our data acquisition kits.

  3. If you already own National Instruments E-series, M-series, or X-series hardware, please contact Xcitex for information about setting up MiDAS DA to work with your existing data acquisition hardware.