ProAnalyst® 2023

Track motion,
instead of markers.

Calibrate. Track. Graph. Find meaning in motion. All with your videos. Discover the power of markerless motion analysis with ProAnalyst 2023.


The world's premier software for markerless motion analysis, used by researchers, NASA engineers, investigators, biologists, medical professionals, and athletes. With ProAnalyst, any video camera becomes a non-contact measurement instrument.

New in ProAnalyst 2023

  • Mix and match toolkits for your application or choose a pre-bundled toolbox for a specific industry.
  • New licensing options for individuals or groups, like affordable subscription cloud licenses.
  • Explore the updated toolkit control panels with intuitive layouts, new analysis tools, and helpful tooltips.
  • Want even more tools? Easily add toolkits to your ProAnalyst 2023 toolbox with the Xcitex License Manager.
  • Upgrade to ProAnalyst 2023 from legacy editions (e.g., Introductory, Lite, Professional, 3-D Professional).

Give your analysis
dimension with 3-D

Measure 3-D motion with just 2 video cameras and the 3-D analysis tools in ProAnalyst 2023.

Toolkits for every task

The various analysis tools in ProAnalyst 2023 are organized into Toolkits designed to help you through each step in the motion analysis process.


Xcitex offers a variety of ProAnalyst 2023 licensing options fo different industries and analysis applications.


Xcitex offers a variety of training options to help you explore the depth of the ProAnalyst 2023 feature set.

Training Classes

Xcitex-hosted training class

Dr. Jesse Hong teaching a class on motion analysis.

A hands-on ProAnalyst Fundamentals motion analysis course is taught by an Xcitex instructor at an Xcitex facility across 2 days.

Xcitex holds multiple scheduled training classes in different locations each year. Check our for information on the next training class.

Training class at your facility

An Xcitex instructor visits your location to teach a private ProAnalyst Fundamentals training class across 16 hours.

Training can be divided amongst multiple sessions. Maximum 4 students; additional charges apply for more students.

Remote training class

An Xcitex instructor teaches a private ProAnalyst Fundamentals training class to your team across 16 hours.

Training can be divided amongst multiple sessions. Maximum 4 students; additional charges apply for more students.

Individual Training

Remote individual training

Meet one-on-one with an Xcitex engineer for web-based training.

Discuss your video, ask questions about an analysis Toolkit, or learn more about the motion analysis process for your application.

Training sessions available in 2-, 4-, or 8-hour increments.

Self-guided training resources

The new Xcitex Support Center contains user guides and other support documentation for all Xcitex products, free-to-download demo files, and a Knowledgebase of tech support questions and other FAQs (coming soon).

Once you have downloaded and installed ProAnalyst 2023, you can also take advantage of the comprehensive, searchable user guide found inside the Help menu. This user guide can also be purchased as a printed copy.

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