3-D Analysis in ProAnalyst 2023

Add dimension to your analysis with the robust 3-D analysis tools inside ProAnalyst 2023.

Why Do We Need 3-D?

With ProAnalyst 2023, you can obtain 2-D motion data, such as baseball velocity or the angular acceleration of a gear, from any video. However, there is information that 2 dimensions simply cannot provide... depth information.

That's where 3-D Analysis with ProAnalyst 2023 comes in. With a stereo pair of video cameras, 3-D calibration information, and the 3-D analysis toolkits in ProAnalyst 2023, you can track 3-D trajectories, characterize 3-D oscillations, and even make 3-D stick models of subjects.

3-D Calibration

What is 3-D Calibration?

In 2-D video-based motion analysis, calibration is a crucial step that uses objects of known size to properly orient the camera and convert all motion data to usable real-world units.

In 3-D, the goal of calibration is the same, but the addition of depth and other degrees of freedom increases the complexity.

Once a time-consuming and mathematically involved process, 3-D Calibration has become the easiest part of 3-D motion analysis thanks to ProAnalyst 2023 and the Xcitex 3-D Calibration Fixtures.

3-D Calibration Fixtures

A 3-D calibration fixture is simply a 3-dimensional object with known dimensions; these dimensions are stored in an associated "fixture file". Images of the 3-D calibration fixture and the fixture's associated fixture file provide ProAnalyst 2023 with enough information to calibrate a 3-d volume.

The 3-D Calibration Fixtures made by Xcitex are designed specifically for use with the 3-D Stereo Calibration Toolkit in ProAnalyst 2023, which makes calibrating measurement volumes easy. There are a variety of fixtures to choose from, each made for different applications: lightweight 1" and 2" fixtures; stronger 6" plastic fixtures; 12" and 24" aluminum fixtures; or heavy-duty 1-meter and 2-meter aluminum fixtures.

Contact us for more info about our 3-D Calibration Fixtures, or view 3-D Calibration Fixture pricing.

12" fixture being imaged by two Xcitex ProCapture cameras.
1m, 12 inch, and 6inch Xcitex 3-D Calibration Fixtures
1 meter, 12", and 6" Xcitex 3-D Calibration Fixtures. Not to scale.
1inch and 2inch Xcitex 3-D Calibration Fixtures
1" and 2" Xcitex 3-D Calibration Fixtures. Push pin and paper clip for scale.