Toolkits in ProAnalyst 2023

Advanced processing, tracking, graphing, markup, and more at your fingertips.

What is a Toolkit?

A toolkit is a software module containing a set of related tools; in the context of ProAnalyst 2023, these tools are used in the process of video motion analysis. The Look-Up Table (LUT) toolkit, for example, contains tools for adjusting the brightness, contrast, and color of your image. The Particle Tracking toolkit, on the other hand, contains tools for tracking small dots through your video.

Toolkits are the building blocks of ProAnalyst 2023. You can license toolkits individually to customize your ProAnalyst 2023 toolbox, and then add new ones at any time. With 20+ different toolkits to choose from, it's easy to tailor your ProAnalyst experience to fit your video motion analysis application.

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The Feature Tracking control panel and icons for many other toolkit control panels in ProAnalyst 2023.

Feature Tracking

Use these toolkits to track the features you care about, whether they're rotating, appearing and disappearing, or even moving in 3-D.

Compare 2-D Feature Tracking Toolkits

Feature Tracking Tools Standard Feature Tracking Adaptive Feature Tracking Full Parametric Feature Tracking
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Included with all ProAnalyst 2023 purchases
Display feature trails and vectors with variable lengths
Unlimited auto-track and manual track features
Search Area, Matching Threshold, Sub-pixel Accuracy
Choose the number of frames to search after a loss
Adjust all advanced Search Parameters
Search for special target types (like quad targets)
Search for rotating features in degree increments
Import data from other toolkits via Virtual Points
Interpolate track points through obstructions
Construct Stick Models with lengths and angles
Export tracking data to text or Excel

Standard Feature Tracking

Automatically track one feature by defining and setting a feature template, or manually track up to three features by placing track points. Allows for limited search parameter adjustment and importing/exporting of tracking data.

Adaptive Feature Tracking

Track unlimited features of interest. Allows for feature rotation, interpolation through obstructions, and constructing stick models between features with distances and angles. Contains Standard Feature Tracking.

Full Parametric Feature Tracking

Track unlimited features of interest. Search for special target types, adjust all advanced search parameters, and import tracking data from other toolkits to place Virtual Points in the video. Contains Adaptive Feature Tracking.

3-D Stereoscopy

Combine two feature tracking data sets from the same event with a 3-D Stereo Calibration to produce 3-D motion data. Requires 2 cameras; ideal for tests with moderate 3-D movement. Contains Full Parametric Feature Tracking.

3-D Multi-Camera Arena

Perform a weighted merge of multiple 3-D motion data sets to construct a 3-D model of an event. Requires 3 or more cameras; ideal for tests with large or complex 3-D movement. Contains 3-D Stereoscopy.

Specialty Analysis

Need something more specialized? These toolkits employ variations of the adaptive feature tracking algorithm, tailored for specific applications.

Constrained Edge Tracking

Track one or more edges along user-set channels with adjustable search types, channel widths, and thresholds. Ideal for characterizing surfaces like expanding shockwaves or oscillations like standing waves.

Particle Tracking

Track particles within a region of interest under user-set parameters, like min./max. area and particle color. Extract particle size, count, eccentricity, and average speed. Create correspondence trails for persisting particles.

Contour Tracking

Trace regions of similar intensity with user-set parameters and compute size, area, perimeter, center of gravity, and more. Ideal for analyzing evolving surfaces, including airbags, medical valves, and stretched parts.

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

Track particle flow and compute a series of vectors for the velocity of the flow. Vector fields are drawn as a colorized contour map. Ideal for the study of aerodynamics, fluidics, and flows in machinery.

Cell Tracking

Track cell motion through veins and arteries in microscopic images. Compute cellular proximity to vascular walls, flow direction, and more. Ideal for microbiologists studying cell motion or cavitation in pipes.

Impact Excursion

Analyze the movement of a crash test dummy relative to restraints. Used in automotive sled testing to ensure compliance with international passenger safety regulations. Also ideal for concussion testing and analysis.

Scene Calibration

Use these toolkits to construct the coordinate system for your scene. Save and reuse calibration files to speed up the analysis of iterative tests.

Compare 2-D Scene Calibration Toolkits

Scene Calibration Tools Standard Calibration Orthonormal Calibration Perspective Calibration
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Included with all ProAnalyst 2023 purchases
Calibrate the scale of the plane of motion
Switch between multiple calibrations
Place the coordinate system origin
Rotate and flip the coordinate axes
Define custom planes of motion with 4 points
Calibrate planes of motion using distances from camera

Standard Calibration

For videos where the optical axis of the camera is perpendicular to the plane of motion. Place reference points on a known object to set the scale of your scene. Create multiple calibrations for different planes of motion.

Orthonormal Calibration

For videos where the optical axis of the camera is perpendicular to the plane of motion. Set the scale, origin, and coordinate axes of the scene. Create a moving origin and change the rotation & handedness of the coordinate axes.

Perspective Calibration

For videos where the optical axis of the camera is not perpendicular to the plane of motion. Define the plane of motion using four points with known positions or two tracked features with known separation moving through space.

3-D Stereo Calibration

For calibrating pairs of videos from two cameras that recorded the same event. Set the scale, origin, axes, and positions of your cameras in a 3-D measurement volume using known 3-D objects in the frame (3-D calibration fixtures).

Image Correction

Prepare your image for tracking with these toolkits. Save and reuse image correction files to speed up the analysis of iterative tests.

Look-Up Table (LUT)

Apply a LUT to your image; make standard brightness, contrast, gamma, and exponential/log adjustments, invert the image, or convert it to grayscale. All adjustments can be made to individual color channels.

Image Processing

60+ advanced image processing filters, from arithmetic operations and binary thresholds, to edge detection and background removal, all with adjustable parameters. Combine filters in different orders to produce different results.

Image Stabilization

Remove unwanted shake and vibration from video. Track features in the image to produce a stabilized video for better analysis. Ideal for airborne testing, frequency analysis, drop tests, and correcting hand-held jitter.

Data Reduction

After extracting motion data from video, graph them, compare them to other data, or present them with these toolkits.

Compare 2-D Data Graphing Toolkits

Data Graphing Tools Standard Data Graphing Advanced Data Graphing
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Included with all ProAnalyst 2023 purchases
Graph one quantity against time
Graph multiple quantities against time
Apply graph filters to graph lines
View Fourier decomposition
Import and graph external data
Export graph data to text or Excel
Graph one quantity against another
Create a 3-axis graph of quantities

Standard Data Graphing

Create a 2-axis graph of one motion data quantity against time. Choose from quantities created in other toolkits, like feature velocity, particle count, contour area, angle, etc. Save your graph playback as a bitmap sequence.

Advanced Data Graphing

Create 2- and 3-axis graphs of multiple motion data quantities. Apply graph filters, perform a one-click FFT, import external data for comparison, and export motion data to text or Excel files. Includes Standard Data Graphing.

Reports and Presentations

Add frame-by-frame or global notes to your videos. Annotate with shapes and text. Export data, analysis, notes, and annotations to a multi-slide PowerPoint presentation or an HTML web page, or send them directly to a printer.

Toolkit Pricing

ProAnalyst 2023 toolkits can be purchased a-la-carte to tailor your ProAnalyst software to your analysis application. Toolkit price depends on license type. View licensing options for more information.