Xcitex products are used in a wide variety of research applications and test environments. Explore the links below to see how Xcitex can aid you in your applications. For more information about applications, Contact Us.

Gallery and Publications

Tracking and analyzing animal, human, and insect locomotion and gait (without markers) using ProAnalyst.

Athletic Performance

Elite athlete performance analysis, body mechanics, swing dynamics, pitching, swimming, cricket, running, and more.


Measuring and modeling flight dynamics of projectiles in 3-D; explosions, fragmentation, and shock waves.


From Boeing to Lockheed, ProAnalyst is used to study aircraft, wind tunnels, door motion, ejector seats, and more.


Over 15 test facilities use ProAnalyst to analyze sled tests and design engines, seats, airbags, shocks, and springs.

Fluid Dynamics

Particle counting, sizing, and flow analysis; fluid PIV, fragments, air & water flow, and wave functions.

Shock and Vibration

Consumer product shock testing; ballistic shock and vibration; steady-state harmonics; failure/wear prediction.

Showcase Reels

See our recent trade show reels for cool applications of ProAnalyst, ProCapture, and 3-D FlightPath.