End of Support for ProAnalyst® v1

Support for ProAnalyst v1 (all legacy versions 1.x.x) is coming to an end on January 1, 2025. You will still be able to use your ProAnalyst software on Windows 10 (and on some installations of Windows 11) with your existing ProAnalyst files. However, Xcitex is no longer able to provide a replacement USB license dongle to ProAnalyst v1 users who lose their dongle(s).

Here is how the end of support will affect you:

  • Technical support for your ProAnalyst v1 software will no longer be available; this includes troubleshooting, consulting, and training for your software.
  • No further updates to ProAnalyst v1 support content will be made. All new support content will be generated for ProAnalyst 2023 and future major releases. Legacy support content will still be available in the Support Center.

Important: Development of ProAnalyst v1 will end in July 2024, and the final release will be made available on the Software Downloads page. This will be the last release that supports the ProAnalyst v1 USB license dongles (blue USBs with serial number 726****). If you want us to address any issues in this final release, please contact us.

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