Peter T. Carellas

President, CEO

Peter founded Xcitex in 1999 with the goal of developing technology to enable video cameras to be used as measurement tools.

Due to his extensive experience in optical system design, lens design, and electro-optical system design, Peter was selected to present the State of the High-Speed Industry address by Vision System Design magazine for the 4 years preceding the pandemic (over 1000 attendees). Peter's other accomplishments include a 2006 Emmy Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement in Sports Broadcasting (motion analysis of high-speed video images for real-time ball flight dynamics), as well as various patents, peer-reviewed publications, and professional awards.

Peter is a member of the Dean's Committee at the University of Rochester Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and has been a frequent invited lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Rochester, and Colorado School of Mines. Peter holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Optics from the University of Rochester, where he was awarded the Hughes Fellowship.

Eric Frederick, PhD.

Director of Technology, CTO

Eric joined Xcitex in 2019 as Director of Technology. He oversees all technical operations and product development activities. He is the chief architect of ProAnalyst motion analysis software, and manages the IT and software systems.

Prior to joining Xcitex, Eric was a Sr. Preclinical Imaging Scientist and a Technical Lead at Bruker. He led a team of engineers in product development and support using magnetic and optical imaging techniques. He has over 20 years of experience in a broad range of engineering and imaging topics. His Ph.D. dissertation research was conducted at Harvard Medical School in conjunction with the University of Massachusetts in Lowell and it primarily focused on the design and construction of NMR/MRI systems and image reconstruction algorithms.

Eric has degrees from the University of Massachusetts and Clark University.

Leah Holber

Director of Operations, CFO

Leah's responsibilities at Xcitex include all aspects of financial activities, operations, and marketing. In addition to her roles as CFO, Leah manages the worldwide dealer channel and champions the development of marketing/promotional materials, exhibition attendance, workshops, and training classes. Another key area of responsibility is production planning for software and hardware products, export compliance, process, and protocol.

Leah has been with Xcitex since 2006 and has 20 years of experience and expertise providing leadership and problem-solving for start-ups, early-growth, and Fortune 500 companies across many business sectors: software, banking, high-tech manufacturing, and defense contracting.

Leah holds degrees from the University of Texas and Northeastern University.

Shane Fitzgerald

Application Engineer

Shane joined Xcitex in 2021 to head up customer-facing technical activities. His broad technical skill pallette allows him to manage customer care activities at Xcitex -- for both future and exisiting customers -- and create myriad support materials based on his experiences.

Shane travels, presents at exhibitions and conferences, and hosts remote support calls with customers. He also manages the Xcitex website, creates marketing and training videos, and works with the development team for product development.

Shane has a degree in Physics from MIT, where he researched and developed a novel compact LED light source for colored Schlieren imaging.