Xcitex Products

Xcitex develops software and hardware for a variety of video motion analysis needs.

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Motion Analysis Software

Measure motion quantities in video with these software products.

ProAnalyst® 2023

ProAnalyst logo in navy Video Motion Analysis Software

Process videos, track features, export data, and generate models. Used by scientists worldwide for a variety of analysis applications.

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ProAnalyst® Essentials

ProAnalyst Essentials logo in navy Free Introductory Analysis Software

Learn the basics of the ProAnalyst software. A perfect introduction to the world of video motion analysis.

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3-D FlightPath

3-D FlightPath logo in navy Flat-Fire Ballistic Tracking Software

Analyze projectile flight trajectories and generate 3-D motion graphs. Used by aeroballistics test ranges of all sizes.

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StrikeForce logo in navy Custom Motion Analysis Solutions

Award-winning, customized, automated versions of ProAnalyst designed for repetitive, automated collection and video processing.

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Motion Capture Hardware

Record and synchronize data and video with these products.


ProCapture logo in navy Video/DAQ Motion Capture System

Capture synchronized event data from multiple sources. Includes up to 8 500fps cameras and 16 channels of synced DAQ.

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