Learn with Essentials

ProAnalyst® is a powerful analysis software package that can turn any video camera into a non-contact measurement device. Now, for the first time, the fundamentals of this technology are available for free with ProAnalyst Essentials. Learn how to modify and configure the state-of-the-art adaptive feature tracking algorithm found in the new ProAnalyst 2023.

Dive deep into the motion analysis process, from Image Processing, to Feature Tracking, to Data Reduction and export. Essentials is the perfect introduction to the world of video-based motion analysis.

Educate with Essentials

ProAnalyst Essentials provides science educators with a powerful teaching aide to help bridge the gap between theory and application in their lessons.

Want to create an easy and interactive physics demo? Start by recording motion with any video camera - even those found in smartphones. Then, track object positions, compute useful quantities like acceleration and angular velocity, and then plot those quantities against time to compare motion data against theory, all in Essentials!

Collaborate with Essentials

ProAnalyst is a worldwide platform, found in many universities and research facilities, making ProAnalyst Essentials the ideal link between users within organizations. Essentials expertly handles the same files and videos as ProAnalyst 2023, allowing users to share results without large file transfers or hours of redoing analyses from screenshots.

Just share the associated analysis files, and any Essentials user can open and edit the files, make presentations, export data to Excel or MATLAB for model simulation, and collaborate on research.

Grow with Essentials

Thinking about purchasing the award-winning, critically acclaimed ProAnalyst? Before you buy, download and try ProAnalyst Essentials, built from the same framework and user interface as ProAnalyst 2023!

Load videos, track objects in 2-D, and save your analysis in ProAnalyst Essentials. When you're ready to take advantage of powerful, specialized toolkits, robust tracking algorithms, and a sophisticated graphing engine, ProAnalyst 2023 will be there waiting for you.

ProAnalyst Essentials Features

Essentials contains all the tools and features you need to get started with video-based motion analysis. Interested in the next step? Check out the full list of toolkits available in ProAnalyst 2023.

Standard Feature Tracking toolkit

  • 1 Auto/3 Manual features available
  • Basic tracking algorithm configuration
  • Import tracking points from .txt file

Standard Calibration toolkit

  • Fast 2-point scale calibration
  • Metric and Imperial unit conversions
  • Load and save calibration files

Look-Up Table (LUT) toolkit

  • Brightness/contrast controls for Luma and RGB
  • Invert image or individual color channels
  • Load and save LUT files

Standard Data Graphing toolkit

  • Plot motion data against time (x-t graphing)
  • Export graphs as bitmap sequence
  • View FFT of data (Fast Fourier Transform)

Intuitive Data Handling

  • Import data from other measurement sources
  • Export motion data in calibrated units
  • Send to Excel, MATLAB, Text, etc.

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