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When automatic capture and calculation of flight dynamics are required, today's range engineers use the new Automated Fixed Camera edition of the 3-D FlightPath software. Built on the same platform as the very accurate Fixed Camera edition, this software package removes the operator from the shot- to-shot calculations. Just set it up in the morning, press Start, shoot all day, press Stop, and pack up at night!

Originally designed for small-caliber automated testing, this edition is now used at ranges to study impact characteristics of ballistics with vehicle armor and with personal armor. It is used by gun manufacturers to test different types and manufacturers of ammunition. It is even used by the Canada defense forces to qualify ammunition for their soldiers.

Software Features

Automated Fixed Camera Edition Image 1

This 3-D FlightPath edition works with any pair of high-speed cameras. The two images are automatically downloaded into the software during a test shot. Using the pre-calibration data (flight line, volume, camera position, etc.), this software will compute pitch, yaw, velocity, acceleration, deviation from a flight line, uncertainty, orientation just before impact and more. The data is stored in a database and the system is reset for the next shot - no user intervention required. At the end of the day, the database is retrieved with all the data. The Automated Fixed Camera edition allows range engineers to focus on the test, not on the instrumentation.

Automated Fixed Camera