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Multiple pairs of fixed cameras are always used on ballistic test ranges when the highest measurement accuracy is required. Unsurpassed accuracies as high as 0.1% (one part in one thousand) can be achieved with fixed camera architectures and Xcitex's 3-D FlightPath software.

Xcitex's 3-D FlightPath software is the world's most accurate software for studying motion of projectiles, ballistics, sports equipment and other flying objects, and the Fixed Camera edition is the flagship product. Multiple pairs of high-speed cameras (from any manufacturer) can be placed in any position along a flight line. Using our industry-unique calibration system, the user simply calibrates each pair of fixed cameras down the range in advance of a test. The calibration data is stored by the 3-D Flight Path software. Videos are then captured during flight test, and imported into the 3-D FlightPath software, where the object(s) of interest can be automatically or manually tracked. The tracked data is then combined with the calibration data to produce very accurate flight position data such as pitch, yaw, deviation from desired flight line, velocity, acceleration and other characteristics of the flight. For long ranges, many pairs of cameras can be concatenated within 3-D FlightPath to capture the object in flight.

Software Features

Fixed Camera Edition Image 2
Multiple objects can be tracked within each frame. Shown here is a projectile with a 3-piece sabot.

Today, this edition is installed on the world's largest projectile ranges, on smaller caliber-testing ranges and on golf and tennis ball flight ranges as well. For small arms, a single pair of high-speed video cameras (e.g. 50,000 fps) can capture flight just before armor impact or just after armor impact or just after the muzzle - or wherever flight data needs to be collected. Non-contact, non-invasive. Calibration is simple. Video capture is simple. And the results are very accurate.

Fixed Camera Edition Image 3
Calibration is easy with Xcitex-supplied calibration fixtures. Cameras can be placed anywhere.

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