Xcitex: Professional Motion Analysis Software

Xcitex has produced innovative, professional software for 3-D video-based motion analysis since 2002. Award-winning ProAnalyst is known worldwide for adaptive tracking of markerless objects on any scale — from insect biomechanics to ballistic flight dynamics. Motion analysis scientists rely on Xcitex software when highest accuracy is required.

ProAnalyst Google Scholars

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    "A hyperbaric aerodynamic levitator for containerless materials research" Missouri Univ. of Science and Technology, Materials Development, Inc., Encole LLC May 2023
  • Fuel: The Science and Technology of Fuel and Energy

    "Entrainment probability of coal particle by bubble trailing vortex in coal flotation" Anhui Univ. of Science and Technology, Huaibei Mining Co., Ltd May 2023
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    "Multi-body Hydrodynamic Interactions in Fish-like Swimming" Michigan Technological University March 2023
  • Graduate Dissertation

    "Numerical Prediction of the Impact Response of Tailored 1500 Mpa and 2000 Mpa Press Hardening Boron Steel" University of Windsor March 2023
  • Extreme Mechanics Letters

    "Parametric analysis of multi-material soft sensor structures for enhanced strain sensitivity" Seoul National University March 2023
  • International Journal of Impact Engineering

    "Ballistic impact response of elastomer-retrofitted corrugated core sandwich panels" Xi'an Jiaotong Univ., Anhui Agriculture Univ., Northwest Inst. of Nuclear Technology, Nanjing Univ. of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China Academy of Aerospace Science and Innovation February 2023
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Tracking and analyzing animal, human, and insect locomotion and gait (without markers) using ProAnalyst.

Athletic Performance

Elite athlete performance analysis, body mechanics, swing dynamics, pitching, swimming, cricket, running, and more.


Measuring and modeling flight dynamics of projectiles in 3-D; explosions, fragmentation, and shock waves.


From Boeing to Lockheed, ProAnalyst is used to study aircraft, wind tunnels, door motion, ejector seats, and more.


Over 15 test facilities use ProAnalyst to analyze sled tests and design engines, seats, airbags, shocks, and springs.

Fluid Dynamics

Particle counting, sizing, and flow analysis; fluid PIV, fragments, air & water flow, and wave functions.

Shock and Vibration

Consumer product shock testing; ballistic shock and vibration; steady-state harmonics; failure/wear prediction.

Showcase Reels

See our recent trade show reels for cool applications of ProAnalyst, ProCapture, and 3-D FlightPath.