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Multi-Camera and Data Control Software for Motion Capture

ProCapture Controls
Event capture has never been easier!  ProCapture motion capture control software records live video and data synchronously with one or more Xcitex high-speed cameras. ProCapture is extremely powerful, yet very easy to configure with settings based on your unique recording requirements. With a touch of a button, ProCapture lets you focus the cameras, record, trigger, save, and download discrete events.

Software Features

  • Simple setup - all cameras automatically initialize after software launch
  • Easy to use control panel, touch screen ready
  • User-controlled configuration
  • Create discrete, manageable events from long video streams
  • No "blind time" when downloading captured events
  • Variety of event triggering methods
  • Video and data automatically synchronized
  • Automatically creates ProAnalyst projects
  • Live view of up to 8 cameras simultaneously, spanning multiple monitors


ProCapture software provides maximum flexibility for user-defined software configurations:

  • Choose frame rates and shutter speeds to determine resolution and recording duration.
  • Select the number of data channels and samples per frame. Specify the desired
    pre- and post- event save duration for each triggered event.

Event Triggering

Triggering creates and bookmarks a video clip of a discrete user-defined event. Specify the save range for each event and select one of three triggering methods. Bookmark events with a single click on the Event Trigger button, use an external TTL triggering device, or enable automatic data level triggering when using data collection hardware. No time is lost between event captures. Bookmark as many events as needed and download all events at the end of the recording within minutes.

Live View

All camera views and data are readily available with the Live button enabled on the control panel. Zoom, pan, or pop-out any camera view to pixel level for focusing ease.


Initiating a recording session requires only a single click or touch of a button. Continuous recording time varies according to the user- specified frame rate and resolution. There is no "blind time" - the cameras continue to record new events while streaming video to the hard drives. A maximum recording time of up to 5 hours facilitates the capture of extended-duration processes.


Event Saving

Saving triggered events with ProCapture is a simple one-step procedure. Cached events are converted to user-specified video file types: avi, bmp, jpeg, tiff, or png. You determine the amount of video to save pre- and post-event.

Event Save

ProAnalyst Project Files

ProCapture software creates project files for immediate viewing, analysis, and graphing with ProAnalyst motion analysis software, included with every ProCapture system. Each project contains event video from all cameras, ensuring that no significant occurrence is missed or overlooked. If ProCapture is enabled with data collection, the data is included in the project.